Debbie Latrans Bio

This bio is of my main character's daughter, named Debbie Latrans.
Debbie and all other characters described within this bio are my creations and are copyrighted. Use with permission.
The information in this bio is current as of the beginning of the story.

Debbie Latrans is copyright The Silver Coyote
2003 & 2004


Deborah Leandra Latrans, a.k.a. Debbie


Red Fox / Coyote hybrid.




Height 5'6", weight 120. Lean and leggy, her measurements are 35C-24-33. Eyes aqua blue, hair blonde, worn long to the middle of her back.


Debbie's general physical structure is typical of the red fox, traits she inherits from her mother. She has, however, a bit of her father's coyote features about her face, especially her ears, which are tall and pointed compared to those of a fox. Her nose is a bit wider and longer than that of a fox, her eyes wide set and slightly almond-shaped. Fur color and markings are typical of a red fox except that the fur of her stomach and chest is more of a rangy, dun color (from her father) instead of the normal creamy white. In typical red fox fashion the lighter fur reaches up to the underside of her neck and the sides of her face. Contrary to a red fox's markings, Debbie's paws, arms, legs, and feet are the same rangy dun color as the rest of her lighter fur. Her ears are edged in charcoal black on the inside, and the backsides of them are the same charcoal black color. As compared to that of a red fox her tail is somewhat thin, colored the same red as the rest of her upper body. Her fur is very soft and thick.

Character traits:

Debbie is a mature, thoughtful teenager, strong, capable, and independent of thought. She is very family oriented, and rather selective about her friends. Playful and fun - loving, she none the less sets limits for herself and will not allow herself to be enticed or driven past them. While methodical and prone to giving much forethought to her actions, her quick and nimble mind precludes a casual awareness of her inner thought processes. She can be headstrong at times, and tends to wrap her older brothers around her fingers. Debbie has a strong practical streak, and a no - nonsense approach to life and living. She is athletic and has been trained in karate.


Born in 1993 in Orange County, California, Debbie has known no other home. She grew up on the beaches and in the mountains surrounding the greater Los Angeles basin. She has attended the public school system since kindergarten, and is currently a junior at Los Pinos High School in the foothills of eastern Orange County. She is a better than average student, with a 3.20 GPA.

Debbie enjoys playing games with her family, whether the high-end video games she and her brother Mike are always battling each other with, or an old - fashioned card game with her clan. She enjoys athletics, and has played in league vollyball with her friends. She loves music and loves to dance. Her social life is mostly occupied with her boyfriend (a Husky by the name of Russ, they've been dating for a few months), yet she maintains regular contact with her circle of friends by occasionally catching a movie or an evening meal with them.

Debbie developed an interest in the males at a relatively early age, but never went "boy crazy". This may be due in part to her continued involvement at the family church, All Furs Christian Church in Sunny Hills. She has been attending there with her family since she was a tiny pup. She is heavily involved in the youth ministry there.

One of Debbie's favorite pastimes is travel. She seems to have inherited her father's sense of wanderlust, she's always ready for a trip to any destination and is eager to see what's beyond the horizon. .

Debbie is very close to her parents, her mother in particular. Debbie and Annie spend much time together shopping, socializing with other mothers and daughters, and just being together. Debbie enjoys time with her father too, exploring the back country around their southern California home with him or working in his shop on various crafts or projects. She is fairly adept with hand tools and will occasionally fix things around the house herself.

Debbie adores her brothers, yet at times seems to maintain a love - hate relationship with them. Her brothers are as independent and headstrong as she is, and that can mix for some interesting situations at times.