Joe Latrans Bio

This bio is of my main character named Joe Latrans.
Joe and all other characters described within this bio are my creations and are copyrighted. Use with permission.
The information in this bio is current as of the beginning of the stories.

Joe Latrans is copyright The Silver Coyote
2003, 2004, 2005, 2006


Jose Ortiz Latrans, a.k.a. Joe


Coyote / German Shepherd mix, 3:1 ratio. Mother Maria was a coyote from Sonora State, Mexico, father Pablo was half coyote half German Shepherd from Arizona. Paternal grandmother was the Shepherd, her family hailed from Saxony. Paternal grandfather's family originally entered what would become the Arizona Territory in the 1840s from Mexico.


43 (in B-Team) or 49 (in Precious Cargo)


Height 6'0", weight 215. Eyes grayish blue, hair used to be brown, but it's got a lot of silver and gray in it now, and is kept cut short on his head. Fur and markings are typical of a shepherd except that the overall color is a little more dun and "rangy" looking. The fur is coarse at the surface, the undercoat very fine and short. There is a dusting of dark gray and black in his fur on his shoulders and at the tip of his tail. Despite his age, Joe's olfactory and aural acuity are exceptional. His vision is normal for a coyote at about 20/10.


Joe's basic appearance is that of a beefy coyote, broader of shoulder and deeper of chest than your average coyote. His facial structure is that of a coyote, but retains the markings typical of a shepherd with dark gray and black predominant around his muzzle, eyes, and the backs and inside edges of his ears. While heavy, he's not obese. He does not give the appearance of being particularly muscular, he's not ripped or buffed out, he none the less can (and will) hold his own in a fight. Joe has an abundance of strength and stamina, but does not advertise that fact often.

Character traits common to both stories:

Joe is basically a good fur, stable, easy going, and content. He does not provoke easily, but when he is provoked he can, and does, become a completely different fur. Buried deep within him there seems to be a well of rage and hate that has been effectively concealed and safeguarded. It rarely surfaces, but when it does you don't want to be the target of his attentions, and you'd rather not stick around to see what happens to whomever is. This alter ego is never, under any circumstances, aroused by kits, pups, and other small furs, and would never be directed towards family or friends. His alter ego is controllable, when he wills it to be.

Joe is not a hard-drinking fur any more. In his younger day Jack Daniels and Jim Beam were his good friends, but all that was put aside long before he met Annie. These days his drink of choice is a glass of good wine, preferably from the Napa or Central Coast regions of California. He will also happily consume a few beers with his friends under certain conditions, usually at the end of the day. Joe never drinks on the job or under any circumstances where he feels he needs to be in charge of or taking care of others, especially small furs.

While raised in a Catholic household, Joe is no longer tied to the "mother church". He is a Christian and attends a Baptist church with his wife and pups, but sometimes feels like he's not quite connected. Joe's favorite place of worship is any mountain peak or range where he is far removed from the urban masses.

Background (B-Team):

Originally from southern California, Joe now lives in Englewood, Colorado with his wife Annie, a red fox from Maryland. While he and Annie have been married for fifteen years, their eldest pup Josh is only nine, their daughter Marie is seven.

Joe has been flying for almost thirty years, having soloed at age sixteen while living in the San Gabriel Valley of southern California. Working his way up through the ranks of Certified Flight Instructor to a commercial pilot and then an Air Transport Pilot, Joe didn't begin flying professionally until shortly before meeting Annie. He flew freight for a company in California for a short period of time, then came to Intermountain Charter in the spring of 1997 as an ATP with type ratings in the Lockheed C-130 Hercules, the Boeing 707-620, and the Douglas DC-8. Since joining Intermountain Charter Joe has acquired type ratings in the Grumman Gulfstream G3 and G4, the Lear 55, and the Cessna Citation Excel aircraft the company owns. Joe prefers the transports and freight hauling to the business jets and their passengers, although he has done plenty of both. Joe is consistently complimented by his customers and peers for his professionalism, both on the ground and in the air. Joe has accumulated a little bit over 15,000 hours of PIC (pilot in command) time.

Joe owns a Beechcraft Duke, a twin engine, pressurized, all weather general aviation aircraft. He and Tim Riggins, one of his peers at Intermountain Charter who is also a resident of the Colorado front range, share the expenses of hangar and maintenance for the aircraft at Jeffco Airport, northwest of Denver. They use this aircraft to commute to flying jobs Intermountain Charter schedules them for, typically from Intermountain's hub at Port Columbus, Ohio. They have, however, met their aircraft at other locations for duty.

There is no known record of Joe having ever been in the military. Virtually nothing of his life between age twenty and age thirty is known.

When not flying Joe's other forms of recreation include four wheeling and hiking in the mountains of Colorado, fishing, and just about any activity that involves being in the company of his wife Annie.

Joe's parents are still living in the house he was born in, back in southern California. He is an only pup.

Background (Precious Cargo):

A native of southern California, Joe lives comfortably with his wife Annie and their youngest pup, Debbie, in a rural part of Orange County. Annie is a red fox originally from Maryland, but she has been living in southern California for over thirty years. Joe and Annie have been married for twenty one years.

Joe and Annie have three pups. The eldest, Mike Harland, 24, is Annie's pup by a previous marriage. Mike is single and lives with some college roommates while attending a Christian University locally. Chris, their middle pup at 20, also single, lives in Durango, Colorado, working for the Durango & Silverton Railroad. Debbie, the youngest at 17, still lives with her parents. Debbie is a junior in high school.

Joe was married much earlier in his life, a marital disaster which ended in divorce after seven years and which (thankfully) produced no pups. He has not seen his ex wife since their separation.

Joe's educational and professional background is in high tech electronics, data systems, and wireless communications. For the past sixteen years he has been a field technician for the Southern California Water District, a major water utility in the state. Prior to that Joe worked for the Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railway in Los Angeles as a communications technician.

Joe never served in the military services of the United States. There are, however, unexplainable holes in his youthful history where he virtually disappeared from society for extended periods of time, some as long as several months. He does not discuss these missing chunks of his life with anyone. Joe is fluent in English and Spanish, and can also converse in simple German.

Joe and Annie work diligently to maximize their time together and with their pups. One of their favorite forms of recreation is travel, which they do as often as possible. They enjoy road trips within their own country, and possess an RV travel trailer and large, medium-duty truck with which to tow it. They also enjoy their extended families and visit as often as possible, even though some of them have scattered to the winds as far away as Idaho, Utah, and Louisiana. Joe and Annie also enjoy working on their home, they are constantly upgrading, modifying, or adding to their house or property.

Joe's forms of recreation include off road vehicle construction and operation, recreational vehicle camping (as mentioned, he and Annie own a thirty foot fifth wheel style travel trailer), any type of back country activity (hiking, fishing, cross country skiing, hunting), socializing with family and friends, and working in his garage on any mechanical thing he can find laying about.

Joe's parents are recently deceased, both of natural causes in their eighties. Annie's parents are also deceased, her father since before she and Joe began dating, her mother more recently at the age of eighty three.