Mike Harland Bio

This bio is of my main character's stepson, named Mike Harland.
Mike and all other characters described within this bio are my creations and are copyrighted. Use with permission.
The information in this bio is current as of the beginning of the story.

Mike Harland is copyright The Silver Coyote
2003 & 2004


Michael James Harland, a.k.a. Mike


Red Fox / Gray Fox mix.




Height 6' 1", weight 170. Lean and wiry, he is quite strong and athletic. Eyes hazel, hair brown, thick and worn just shy of collar length.


Mike is a typical fox build. His father was a tall, thin Gray Fox, his mother Annie Latrans is a Red Fox. As such, Mike is an interesting mix of the two types of fox. His body fur is dark reddish brown with black paws and a black tip to long bushy tail. His chest and stomach are a medium gray color. Mike's fur is very soft and moderately thick. His hair is dark brown with a slight wave, and during the summer months is full of highlights from many hours in the sun. While not bulky or overly muscular Mike has a deep chest and broad shoulders from his mother's side, and is quite strong.

Character traits:

Mike is a handsome, charismatic, outgoing young male, strong in his faith. His peers naturally congregate to him, he has strong, innate leadership and ministry skills, and has had since he was in middle school. By his own admission Mike has been sold out to Jesus Christ since he was a pup, most of his childhood and all of his adult life has been heavily involved with and invested in his church, All Furs Christian Church in Sunny Hills, California.

Mike has a very clear picture of what he expects his future to look like. He wants to lead a youth ministry program for junior high and high school kids, combining his musical talents, vocal talents, and ministry talents into one calling. He's been singing and performing in vocal productions since high school and is an excellent vocalist, and has been playing guitar for about the same length of time. An accomplished acoustic guitar player, he is passably good at a keyboard, as well.

While Annie loves all three of her pups dearly, there is a special place in her heart for her eldest son.


Born in 1986 in Orange County, California, Mike was the only son of Annie and her second husband. His parents divorced when he was 18 months old, and Joe Latrans became his stepfather when he was about three and a half years of age. Mike grew up in the public school system with average scores, yet excelled in music and singing. He was going to church by the time he was eight years old, and was baptized before he was promoted from grade school. Mike is currently a senior in college, working part time at his church while completing a degree program in music and worship arts.

Mike loves the ocean, and spends what free time he can scrape together surfing, boogie-boarding, or just hanging out with his friends at any of the local Orange County beaches. He's also developed a casual interest in four-wheeling thanks to Joe and the red Jeep Cherokee Joe and Annie bought him a few years ago. But mostly Mike likes hanging out with his friends, playing some tunes, singing some songs, or just chatting. He's a great one for e-mail and on-line discussions, but enjoys real time, face to face conversation even more.

Mike has had many lady friends in his life, but has always been careful to treat them with the utmost of courtesy and respect, making it very clear that they are just friends. This has caused him to develop the reputation of being somewhat old fashioned, but he doesn't care. It's all about his faith anyway. Lately, however, a lynx who is at least as strong in her faith as he is has been capturing more and more of Mike's attention and occupying his thoughts.

Mike is very close to his mother and has a solid relationship with Joe. Sadly, his relationship with his own father is more or less nonexistent. He loves his siblings, and is extremely protective of Debbie when he perceives a need to be. Since Chris moved to Colorado he and Mike have drifted apart a bit, but still stay in regular contact with each other, especially through their mother.