Tim and Janie Riggins Bios

These two bios describe the two furs who are the best friends of my main characters, Joe and Annie Latrans.
These two characters described within this bio are my creations and are copyrighted. Use with permission.
The information in this bio is current as of the beginning of the stories.

Tim Riggins and Janie Riggins are copyright The Silver Coyote

Tim & Janie Riggins

Tim and Janie Riggins were married in Falls Church, Virginia in 1984. Originally settling in an apartment in Hampton, Virginia, they relocated to Colorado in 1985 after Timmy left a contract position with the military in flight research. They have been living in the suburbs of Denver ever since, first in Englewood and now in Arvada.

Tim and Janie have no cubs of their own. Their doctor assures them that while the genetic mix is difficult, it is not impossible. Still, Janie and Tim have been trying to start a family for most of their twenty year marriage, to no avail. Far from creating trouble between the two of them, this difficulty has strengthened their relationship.

One by-product of their inability to have cubs of their own has been a strengthening of their relationship with Joe and Annie and their two pups. Tim and Janie are "Uncle Timmy" and "Aunt Janie" to the Latrans pups and have always been so. Tim and Janie love the Latrans pups as their own, and will happily take in the two coyfox for whatever period of time is necessary while Joe and Annie are required to be away from home without them. The pups always have a grand time with the Riggins, and always look forward to their next visit.

Tim and Janie are very spirtual furs, and have helped Joe and Annie strengthen and solidify their faith through their strong friendship. The Latrans and Riggins have been reinforcing and enriching each others lives for years, and will probably continue to do so for many years to come.

Tim Riggins

Tim Riggins is Joe Latrans' best friend. Tim was originally born in the small town of Empire, high in the Rockies west of Denver, in 1958. Tim graduated the Colorado School of Mines with a degree in Metallurgy and Material Engineering in 1980 and almost immediately accepted a contract position with the Langley Flight Research Institute in Virginia upon his graduation. In Virginia he took a fancy to aviation after becoming immersed in it professionally, and soon obtained a private pilot's license.

"Timmy" to most who know him, he is a Yellow-Bellied Marmot of impressive proportions. Six foot three and 195 pounds, he is broad shouldered and muscular, and speaks in a baritone that can sound more like a growl than a voice, depending on his mood. Tim's colorings are not typical of his species, he is an overall golden brown color and has brown eyes. He cuts an imposing figure, and gives the appearance of one not to be trifled with.

Tim has been flying professionally for about fifteen years, logging almost 11,000 hours in the process, and has been with Intermountain for most of that time. Before becoming a professional pilot Tim flew as a hobby for ten years. With his education in metallurgy and machining, he is very comfortable around machinery and has done light fabrication work for the maintenance crews at Intermountain Charter on occasion.

Tim and Joe spend a lot of time off work together, usually but not always in the company of their spouses. Tim has a brother who operates a silver mine out in Nevada, but has not heard from him in several years. Tim's parents died within weeks of each other, of natural causes, after being married for almost sixty years.

Janie Riggins

Janie is a cougar, Annie Latrans oldest and best friend. Originally from Reston, Virginia, Janie met Annie in college while in pursuit of a degree in business administration. The friendship they formed has lasted all these years and has at times spanned the country. Janie was there for Annie when her first marriage failed, and was matron of honor at Joe and Annie's wedding.

Lithe and reasonably tall, Janie and Annie make quite the pair when they go out together. Janie is five foot six, her thick, coarse fur a grayish brown color turning a buff color on her stomach. Her chest and throat are a cream color, and her hair is a medium brown, worn collar length. Janie's brown eyes are very indicative of her mood, ranging from a deep, dark brown of melancholy to the sparkling hazel of mirth. While not terribly busty, Janie has a very attractive, athletic figure and is a perfect match for her huge marmot of a husband, Tim.

Janie has worked for various small and mid-sized companies in the past as a controller and office manager, but hasn't held a job since her parents were killed overseas. Her father, an industrialist of moderate wealth, left his only offspring a considerable inheritance. These days Janie concentrates on her husband and friends, especially the two Latrans pups. She loves them dearly, and treats them as if they were her own pups. She and Annie easily maintain their strong and solid friendship, and that friendship continues to strengthen the professional and personal relationship of their husbands.