Steve Lupus and Molly Lomax Bios

These two bios describe the pilot my character Joe Latrans flies most often with, and that character's fiancee.
These two characters described within this bio are my creations and are copyrighted. Use with permission.
The information in this bio is current as of the beginning of the stories.

Steve Lupus and Molly Lomax are copyright The Silver Coyote
2003, 2004

Steve Lupus & Molly Lomax

Steve and Molly have been unofficially engaged for several months and are sharing a condominium on the outskirts of Kansas City in the community of Thomas Heights. They have been living here since shortly after Molly took a job with FurMart, the nationwide discount department store chain, as a buyer working out of downtown Kansas City. They have been living in Thomas Heights for a little over a year.

Molly and Steve were introduced to each other by a mutual friend at a party thrown by the friend at her home in Indianapolis. They dated casually for several months before a serious relationship developed. Over time the two came to realize that they seemed to be meant for each other. Molly was intrigued by what Steve did for a living and by his full-of-life, "rough rider" personality. In turn Steve was drawn by Molly's intelligence and matter-of-fact attitude. Of course, the fact that each found the other quite appealing visually certainly didn't hurt their relationship any.

Marriage is certainly in the future for these two. The love they feel for each other is deep and profound, but something has been quietly intervening, preventing them from setting a date. They blame the requirements of Molly's developing career and Steve's long hours flying the line for their hesitancy, yet they are growing impatient with the situation as it stands.

Steve and Molly are very active with Molly's family, which is found mostly in the Ohio Valley. They haven't made much of an effort to visit Steve's family in Wyoming so far, but are hoping to change that in the near future as schedules stabilize and transportation becomes easier.

Steve Lupus

Steve is a thirty two year old gray wolf, born in 1971 in Cody, Wyoming. He is five foot nine, a strong and solid 185 pounds, golden eyed, with atypical coloring. His fur is almost black everywhere except his belly and paws, where the color fades to a greyish brown. His family has been in the mountains of Montana and Wyoming for as long as anyone can remember.

Like his boss Matt Barstock, Steve learned to fly C-130s in the Air Force, going two full tours after completing training and orientation. Steve mustered out in 1995 and came almost directly to Intermountain Charter after that. He's been with the company ever since, flying primarily the Hercules, but he has also picked up type ratings for the Gulfstreams and the Lear along the way. Steve has accumulated about 7,000 hours in his log books, at least two thirds of which is in various models of the Lockheed C-130 Hercules.

Steve Lupus was the fur who originally coined the expression "B Team" as a reference to the flight crew normally assigned to C-130 operations at Intermountain Charter. The expression is commonly known, along with the nickname of "The Bitch" for the aircraft Steve spends most of his time flying. He doesn't take credit for the nickname, however, claiming that honor went to his predecessor.

Before buying the condo in Kansas City with Molly Steve lived in Indianapolis and would commute to his flying jobs in Columbus in his car, a 1965 Corvette convertible. After moving to Kansas City to be with Molly Steve sold the 'vette and purchased a Piper Cherokee Arrow, a single engine, retractable gear general aviation aircraft. Steve now uses this small airplane to commute from Kansas City to Columbus, in a manner similar to how Joe Latrans and Tim Riggins commute to Columbus from the front range of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado.

While Steve has spent very little of his life in any church or even with the Bible, he has a fundamental faith in Christ that occasionally reveals itself when he is under stress.

Molly Lomax

Molly is a skunk, born in Canton, Ohio in the spring of 1976. She is a product of that region of the country that has become somewhat well-renowned for raising beautiful mephits. Molly is a fairly recent addition to the Intermountain Charter family, having only recently begun to socialize with her fiancee's crew members and their families. She is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati, class of 1999, with a degree in business administration.

Molly is twenty eight, five foot seven, trim but not skinny at 140 pounds. She has very traditional markings for a skunk, her body fur is a lustrous black with blazing white running down the back of her neck, across her shoulders, and then splitting down her sides, framing her back, ending at her waist. She has a single, thin white stripe down the bridge of her nose, and a similar stripe running the length of her tail. Her tail is straight and quite fluffy, with a hint of a kink or curl at the very tip. Molly's wavy, shoulder length hair is also a blazing white, an interesting contrast to her hazel eyes and perhaps explaining her dark pink nose.

Molly held various part time jobs to help her folks out as she put herself through university, and as a result of this has a fairly broad knowledge base regards the working world independent of her university education. This knowledge base translated into market savvy about what female furs want to wear and be seen in, which helped her nail a sales job in a design studio almost straight out of school. This led eventually to her being hired by FurMart as a senior buyer about a year and a half ago.

As her current job requires her to spend a lot of time with customers and vendors, Molly spends a bit more attention to her physical appearance that she might otherwise. This includes regular trips to salons for claw manicures and sharpening, and also to the dentist for regular sharpening of her fangs and routine dental care. Molly also manages to keep in step with current fashion quite handily.

Molly has no religious experience to speak of. Her parents were disillusioned Catholics and raised her outside of the church. Molly grew up happily enough, but has no faith to guide her.

Molly has a younger sister attending the University of Cincinnati, and an older brother working on the oil rigs in the Gulf off of Galveston, Texas. Her parents live outside of Akron in the home they bought almost forty years ago.