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9 January 2017

As promised, the latest chapter of The B Team, Dark Secrets, (otherwise known as BT-32) went live this evening. Your comments are welcome. And speaking of comments, the link above to "the forum" will take you to the Planetfurry BBS, long a home of what passes for my forums. There's a lot of great furs hanging out there, many of whom host much better forums than mine, and you can link to some very interesting sites to visit. Check it out.

I'm still shaking my head about Bridge Number Three ...



4 January 2017

As promised on the Facebook page, here are a couple of things to consider.


Looking northeast through the North Window at the East Mitten Butte and (in the distance) Castle Rock and the Bear and Rabbit buttes.
The illuminated mesa on the left is Elephant Butte, and the shaded mesa is Cly Butte. Monument Valley, Arizona. 0730, 29 December 2016.


The West Mitten Butte viewed from the northern base of Mitchell Mesa, Monument Valley, Arizona.
View looks northeast, 0655, 30 December 2016.


The LRB (Little Red Beast) in front of the west face of Rain God Mesa, Monument Valley, Arizona.
View looks southeast, 1440, 28 December 2016.


Agathla Peak (known by the early Spaniards as El Capitan and by the Navajo as Aghaalá), southwest of Monument Valley in Arizona.
Agathla rises over 1500 feet above the surrounding terrain and is the remains of the inside of a prehistoric volcanic plug from which the surrounding mountain has eroded away.
Aramis, this one's for you buddy!

So yeah, northeast Arizona. One of this coyote's other homes. Dig it.


Remember Precious Cargo? Towards the end of Chapter 16 "The Sale," I describe in some detail a bridge on US Highway 89 in the community of Cameron, Arizona. To whit: "They rolled across the new bridge over the Little Colorado. This was the third highway bridge at this location, built on the site of the second bridge which had been almost completely destroyed in a bad commercial trucking accident a few years ago."
Well guess what, furs and femmes? Bridge number three went live when I wasn't looking!

Back in 2008 this was the bridge situation in Cameron: the original 1911 suspension bridge in the foreground with the two-lane, "modern" highway bridge for US-89 behind it. Pay attention to the bridge pilings of the highway bridge ...


In 2016 this is how it looked. The 1911 bridge is unchanged, but the US-89 bridge has doubled in size, with associated upgraded support structure.


Bridge Number Three! Can I call 'em, or what?!
Fortunately, as far as I know, my fabricated justification for the replacement bridge (go read the story!) didn't happen.


Finally, I am still waiting to hear from my senior and best (read: last / only) proofreader / editor on Chapter 32 of The B Team. As soon as I get the Tiger's blessing we'll go live with that little bit of fun. Stay tuned!







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