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I first became aware of furry universes quite by accident. I was searching the Internet to see if a particular central California coast winery I know of had a web site. The winery is called Foxen, and at that time (early 2003) they didn't have a web site that I could find. But in the course of searching for "Foxen" I discovered The Belfry Webworks. Belfry is a clearing house of furry comics published on the Internet, amongst other things. The web site was created by Foxen and introduced me to a whole new genre I hadn't been aware existed.


By the way, Foxen does now have a site of their own. They are, in my humble opinion, one of the best central coast wineries in California. Check them out or, better, drop by if you're in the area.




Anyway, on with the story...

Badly Drawn Kitties
Belfry had a link to Mat Sherer's excellent daily comic called Badly Drawn Kitties. BDK is a surprisingly personable if R rated comic whose central characters have depth and personality. I quickly became caught up in the strip, and was especially taken by one particular character named Zig Zag. (Sorry Mat, a fur's got to know his priorities. Lucy's a babe, but Zig rocks!) Exploring Mat's site led me to a couple of sites all about Zig Zag:




Zig Zag
Zig Zag is the creation of Max Black Rabbit. Check out MBR's main site, Black Rabbit Productions. Max is an amazing artist as attested to by those who have watched him render some of his creations. Browsing his site will give you some insight into his talent. I hope he doesn't mind me "appropriating" the image above for use here, but I can't think of a better banner for his site devoted to Zig Zag than this. Thanks Max!
As far as I'm concerned the best thing Max ever did for our world was create Zig Zag. Zig is an enchanting creature in so many ways. Unfortunately, one can't get to know her very well until they get to know her background a little bit, which brings us to my next link:




ZZ Studios
Up until this point my adventures into the furry universe had been more or less light entertainment, comics and pictures and a small amount of history behind some of the characters. But then one day I landed at ZZ Studios, and my life honestly changed for the stop there. James Bruner has written a story about Zig Zag's life as an actress turned studio owner and introduces us to James Sheppard, the fur who becomes her lover. Without sounding like I'm gushing a bit, James' writing changed my life for the better, and inspired me to begin anew a craft I hadn't indulged in since I was a teenager: writing fiction. This inspiration is what ultimately led to this website. (James, if you're reading this, you can feel good about that or look for a rope. I hope you choose the former, because I'm indebted to you. Thanks!) James' creation is called "Zig Zag The Story", and is, in my opinion, some of the best furry storytelling around. In the course of his story we meet up with another distracting fur...




Sabrina Online
I found Sabrina in a roundabout way through ZZ Studios by following a link James had there. Sabrina has a universe of her own which intertwines with Zig Zag's on a regular, ongoing basis. Sabrina was originally created by Eric Schwartz. Eric has developed a web site just for his Sabrina comic strip, check it out at Sabrina Online.

ES Productions




In a manner similar to James Bruner's documenting Zig Zag's life, Chris Yost has decided to do the same for Sabrina and her little sister Tabitha. Enjoy Chris' efforts at Chris' Foxx Den. If you're into stories with a futuristic, sci-fi spin take a look at "Tabitha" while you're there. Both stories are excellent.



Mi amigo Tigermark, who has contributed so much to my efforts here and has become a great friend, has a site of his own from which to showcase another (probably better) aviation-oriented furry classic. "Fire On High" is a fabulous story about an Air Force fighter pilot taking place in the Sabrinaverse. The hardware is much more glamorous than anything you're likely to see in The B Team, and some familiar characters may be recognized as well. Check out The Tiger's Den and take a look at "Fire On High". Stop by Tigermark's forum at Planet Furry and tell him what you think of his story. You'll be glad you took the time to pay a visit to his site, and most likely make a new friend yourself.

My friend is talented in other areas as well. He has produced two images based on scenes occurring in The B Team, both appear in the story with his permission. Take a look at Tigermark's account at Deviant Art, those images and several more are there for your enjoyment.

Stripes One

Stripes One, a modified T-38, © Tigermark




Another fur that I'm getting to know better is Cirrel. Cirrel is a fabulous artist and author, in my opinion. He graciously contributed the image that appears at the beginning of "Aftermath" in the "B Team" story. He is a regular contributor of artwork at ZZ Studios, and has contributed a story there as well. His own site is full of wonderful stuff to see and read. Check out Wilderhom.





Angry Erika V2.1 was the home of "City of Roses," a great story in a similar vein to my "Precious Cargo," starring a cool feline by the name of Aramis Dagaz. The site was operated by a sister / brother team, being owned by Erika and administered by my friend Dan.

As the years have gone by Dan and Erica have moved through college careers and graduated, and Angry Erica has fallen by the wayside. To see what he is up to these days, drop by Dan's live journal. Ask him whatever happened to "City of Roses". Or go on over to Dan's account at Deviant Art to see what he's working on there.

Erika   Angry Erika   Dan  




Recently I was turned on to another interesting story which begins in the "Sabrinaverse" but moves off in it's own direction quickly enough. Identity Crisis is about a soul's travels through several dimensions and worlds, and is full of magic and mysticism. Hikaru Katayamma spins a good yarn. I haven't even reached the end of what he's published on line yet, and I've enjoyed it so much that I wanted to link to it. Worth checking out, it's an excellent story.
Arden in Identity Crisis




This young lady has grown to become an awesome author in her own right, judging from her fan base. Transitions and it's sequels, Transitions Two, Three, and Four, are stories that take place in the Sabrinaverse with the usual complement of characters including that tiger-striped skunk we all seem to love so much. There's even a cameo by a disturbingly familiar sounding aircrew buried within! The story revolves around two female roomies and rapidly whisks us away to places most of us have never been. A spin-off of sorts, called Amat Victoria Curam, takes us back to the days of Roman Empire. While I'm more of a tech-head than a history buff, I was unable to put AVC down. Somewhere in that mass of creativity she also found time to become a regular contributor to A Little Nothing, see all of her contributions to that arc here. My dear Filly has completed and is working on other projects as well, it seems that every week she's got something else brewing. The author is a dear friend and comrade in arms by the name of Joan Jacobsen. Check out Aslaug's Axe Shed!

Gabby and Jean




Another comrade in arms is Kellan Meig'h, the Old Warhorse. He's writing some stories that include a certain Filly we all know and love. He's actually got several stories, but his flagship piece is A Voice From The Past. He's also got some new works coming up that may have another interesting canid character a few of us have heard of before, so I therefore pronounce his site as rockin' and plan to visit often. Go check out Kellan's works, and tell him SC sent you!




All of these artists, whether dealing in imagery or text (or both), have devoted a lot of time, energy, and money to bringing their product to us for our enjoyment. Drop them a line while you're visiting their sites, let them know what you think. A lot of them have established forums or discussion groups, wherein you will find many folk with similar (or not so similar) points of view. I've made some new friends in this way, and feel fortunate to have become part of the furry culture. I've found a home!

Things Coyote


If you're ready for maximum furball cuteness, check out The Daily Coyote.

Here's a great little coyote story I fell in love with. It's called Coyote's Last Hack.

A while back my folks gave me a great book by François Leydet called The Coyote, Defiant Songdog Of The West. ISBN 0-8061-2123-8, 1988 paperback. It's a little heavy on the protection / conservation issues, but good reading none the less. It describes areas of the country I know well and the range life of my four-legged friends. ¡Cantad amigos!


Then, shortly after that, they brought another book to me called Coyote, Seeking the Hunter in Our Midst, by Catherine Reid. The latest version was published by Houghton Mifflin in 2005, ISBN 0618619291, 192 pages hardbound with some fairly good pencil sketches in it by Jared T. Williams. (Note: Mr. Williams' website still exists in early 2013, but there is nothing at it except a formatted page.) The book describes the coyote's migration into northeastern North America and suggests that a "super coyote", a wolf-coyote hybrid, is rapidly evolving there. So inter-species mating isn't so unheard of outside of furry circles, after all... <winks>


And my Fox bought me a copy of Mourning Dove's Coyote Stories for Christmas. It, along with several other coyote-themed paperback story books, is available through the University of Nebraska Press (Bison Books), ISBN 0-8032-8169-2.



Here's another web page with a couple of coyote stories. It seems many cultures regard we coyotes as playful troublemakers. Wonder how those opinions were formed? Anyway, here's Coyote Stories and Poems from Indigenous People's Literature. I especially like the one about tails.

Desert USA's Coyote page - good background material on Canis Latrans




Here's a few links that might be of interest to readers of The B Team that have a pronounced interest in aviation. Some of these are useful, some are informative, some are fun.

I found the most marvelous book about the Lockheed Hercules. Appropriately titled Herk: Hero Of The Skies, the third edition by Joseph E. Dabney was introduced in 2003. The book chronicles the design, development, and lineage of the venerable C-130, from the first A model prototype to the current J model, and all the odd variations in between. It also recounts tales of the outstanding capabilities of this transport, and it's careers in military service, humanitarian aid, and industry. The hardcover book is 496 pages, full of excellent photographs and drawings. ISBN: 091487540

Look for Herk at, that's where I got my copy from.

If you're a fan of the Hercules, check out these other sites:

Absolutely the best site I'd found on the net when it comes to the C-130 was Scott J. Gager's C-130 Hercules Headquarters, which has become part of Scott's site had tons of links, great photos (some of which appear in The B Team), a wealth of information, and a forum. has all of that, and more.

Lockheed Martin, and their page on the current version of the C-130.
"Without Equal, the world's proven airlifter. Throughout aviation history, no aircraft, either developed or under development, can match the flexibility of the C-130 Hercules."

The United State's Air Force's fact sheet for the C-130

The FAS Military Analysis Network's writeup on the C-130

The Aviation Zone's writeup on the C-130


Here's a few other links I've found that have helped me in keeping The B Team up to date with current airspace regulations and various other things pertinent to the story or my own fascination.

AirNav is a complete database of airports, navaids, and airspace fixes (airway intersections)

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA's) National Weather Service website.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

AOPA, the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association

Need an airport diagram or an approach plate? Check out

NAWCWD NavAir - The Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division

Air America
"First In, Last Out."





As the Precious Cargo story has progressed it may have become evident to some that I am also a bit of a railfan. Actually more, I was for a while employed by the AT&SF (Atchison, Topeka, & Santa Fe Railway), leaving them just before they merged with the Burlington Northern in 1995 to become the BNSF (Burlington Northern Santa Fe).


Precious Cargo at times focuses on a small tourist railroad in southwestern Colorado known as the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge. Along with the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic (sometimes known as the "cats"), these tourist pikes and their coal-fired steam locomotive power are all that is left of the once mighty narrow-gauge empire of the Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad. The D&RGW was the pioneer railroad of the 1870s that hacked its way across the Continental Divide over some of the highest railroad summits in the continental United States on its route from Denver to Salt Lake City. Sadly the D&RGW no longer exists as a corporate entity, it has been absorbed by the giant Union Pacific system. Not to worry, the D&RGWs rich history is well documented at the following locations:

The Rio Grande Modeling and Historical Society
Publisher of The Prospector magazine and The Green Light bulletin

The Narrow Gauge Circle

The Colorado Railroad Museum

Durango Railroad Historical Society

Friends of The Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad, Inc.
A Place For Those Born Too Late


For those of you who might have more of an interest in the AT&SF lore, you might prowl these pages:

Q Station
The Santa Fe used to run hot freight manifests between Los Angeles and Chicago called "Q Trains" (Q for Quality, get it ... ?). This site is kind of a one-stop shop for all things AT&SF, from history to modeling. Be sure to check out the ATSF Internet Resource Center while you're there.

The AT&SF Photo Archive, 1985 - 1995
Lots of good images of the "Super Fleet" livery on many recent diesel electric locomotives, not the least of which is my favorite: the C44-9W, in my opinion one of the finest General Electric diesel-electrics of the time. The "Dash Nine" is now a mature product, but it its day it was all that with air conditioning and a microwave oven too.

Railroad Maps and Railfan Info Page
It's actually pretty localized to the UP and BNSF main lines running north and east from Barstow, California, but there are some great images of and information about BNSF operations in eastern California and western Arizona here, locations and rights of way I am intimately familiar with. This is a western portion of the historic and famous AT&SF main line from Chicago to Los Angeles.

Abandoned Rails
Looking for a railroad or short line that has gone by the wayside? Take a look here. Know about one? Contribute!



And then there are the industry links:

Association of American Railroads (AAR)

USDOT Federal Railroad Administration (FRA)
mentioned in Precious Cargo


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