Precious Cargo Table of Contents

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Book One
In The Beginning

1. Missed Opportunity

11. The Inquisition

2. Waking Up

12. Bad Dreams

3. Flying High

13. Morning's Delight

4. Up The Hill

14. Down At The Yards

5. Another Fine Mess


15. An Unanticipated Change Of Direction

6. Recovery

16. The Sale

7. An Uninvited Guest

17. The Other Side Of Daddy

8. The Waiting Game

18. History Lesson

9. She's Keeping Time

19. An Affirmation

10. Down, Down

20. TMI (Too Much Information)


21. Mojave

31. Smoke On The Horizon

22. Homecoming Interrupted

32. Red Flag

23. Hurricane Jessica

33. Trial By Fire

24. To The Rescue

34. Shadow And Light

25. The Way Home

35. To Love and To Cherish

26. Who I Am

27. Home Is Where The Heart Is

28. Back On Line

29. Divine Will

30. Girl's Night Out


Book Two
Embracing The Darkness


36. Winds Of Change

46. Divisions

37. Riffed


47. The First Time ... Again

38. The Old Fashioned Way

39. Telephone

40. Air Time

41. Proceed Diverging

42. Post Frontal Activity

43. Falling Back

44. Across The Divide

45. Dawn of Darkness



Other PC Stuff

I wondered about this for a while, and wasn't sure I wanted to include it here. If anything I've ever written was R rated, this would probably be it. As I try to maintain a more PG-oriented style, I thought for a while before adding this to the site. So be forewarned, this is a little bit more suggestive than the rest of Precious Cargo, and is not canon to it. Enjoy!

A Day With Annie And Joe


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