Annie Latrans Bio

This bio is of my main character's wife, named Annie Latrans.
Annie and all other characters described within this bio are my creations and are copyrighted. Use with permission.
The information in this bio is current as of the beginning of the stories.

Annie Latrans is copyright © The Silver Coyote
2003, 2004


Sharon Annette Latrans (neé Winning), a.k.a. Annie


Maryland Red Fox.


41 (in B-Team) or 54 (in Precious Cargo)


Height 5'4", weight 130. Her measurements are 38D-26-37. Eyes aqua blue, hair strawberry blonde, worn shoulder length. Fur and markings are typical of a red fox except that the overall color is a silvery auburn, becoming more of a strawberry blonde on her stomach and chest. In typical red fox fashion the lighter fur reaches up past her neck to the underside of her muzzle and the sides of her face. Annie's paws, arms, legs, and feet are charcoal black, her ears are edged in the same charcoal black. Her tail is a mottled mix of the charcoal black and the strawberry blonde, and tipped in snow white. Her fur is very soft and thick, her tail quite bushy.


Annie's general physical structure is typical of the red fox. Her nose is narrow, her eyes wide set, her ears on the largish side compared to the rest of her head. She is broad shouldered for a smaller female, and with her physical dimensions turns a lot of heads. While very curvy, Annie is not overly thin. In nightclubs she is often mistaken to be ten to fifteen years younger than she actually is. Annie exerts a considerable amount of effort to maintain her appearance. While she dresses well to please herself and doesn't mind "showing off" a little, she will not wear trashy or overly revealing clothes in public. At home these standards are relaxed somewhat.

Character traits common to both stories:

Annie is a strong willed, confident, and independent fox from an old and established east coast family. While she can tend to be somewhat reclusive, she has a small circle of friends that she thinks the world of, and is very close to her family and that of her husband. Annie has very little tolerance for anyone who isn't doing their part to make the world a better place to live, and is not afraid to go nose to nose with anyone she thinks is acting like a screwup.

While Annie's given name is Sharon, nobody who knows her would ever call her that. Annie has always preferred to go by her middle name, and even signs checks and business documents "Annette Latrans". No one seems to know why she avoids the use of her first name.

One of Annie's few vices is automobiles. Her current vehicle is a nearly new Cadillac Seville STS, a high end sports sedan that she thoroughly enjoys. Annie is also quite an accomplished wine connoisseur.

Background (B-Team):

Originally from the suburbs of Washington DC in Maryland, Annie now lives in Englewood, Colorado with her husband Joe. While she and Joe have been married for fifteen years, their eldest pup Josh is only nine, their daughter Marie is seven.

Annie does not work a day-to-day job any more. After moving to Colorado twenty years ago she began a general contracting business specializing in residential remodeling called Design By Fox. The business has done so well that she was able to remove herself from the day to day operation of it when she and Joe were expecting their first born. She never returned to the office. Annie's trusted friend Clark Randsburg now operates the business for her, and Annie maintains a respectable income from the business to this day. Annie’s talents run strongly in interior design and architecture, but her business acumen is moderate. The way she and Clark operate Design by Fox allows her to concentrate on what she does best: meeting with customers, sharing their visions, and designing their dreams. She will visit the office on occasion to stay in touch with her employees and meet with customers and service providers, but she likes to maximize her time at home with her pups. The miracles of modern technology allow Annie to do much of her work from home. She is never far from her laptop computer and always carries a cellular telephone with her, and it is always on during the business day.

Annie had a pleasant if unremarkable childhood growing up in Maryland with her older sister Rachel. While Rachel still lives at home in Maryland, the two of them get together as often as family and business allow. Rachel is a vice president for a multi-national manufacturing company that builds jet aircraft engines, amongst other things.

Annie was married briefly before leaving Maryland. Not much is known about the fur she was married to the first time, the only real fact that is known is that her separation and divorce were what motivated the move to the state of Colorado. Her good friend Janie Riggins had just moved to Fort Collins with her new husband Tim, and described to Annie the opportunities for business, relocation, and restructuring that abounded on the front range. Annie was taken with the area on her first visit and bought a small home in the outskirts of Arvada within three months of her first visit.

Annie and Joe met one spring evening in 1987 at what is now the Bluesky Bisto at Denver's Jeffco Airport. Annie was awaiting the arrival of her sister Rachel on a corporate flight from Maryland, Joe was having a drink with his copilot following a charter flight from Jackson Hole, Wyoming in a Cessna 441. Annie had been looking through a folio of materials for a job her company was bidding on and some pages had slipped to the floor unnoticed by her. Joe came from across the room to pick them up and place them on the table for her. Conversation ensued, they shared a glass of wine together, telephone numbers were exchanged, and the rest (as they always say) is history.

Annie's favorite pastime is interior decorating. She is always remodeling some room or other in the Latrans home. Annie also enjoys walks outdoors with her husband, back country four wheeling adventures with her family, and social occasions with family and friends.

Annie's father has been deceased since before she came to Colorado. Her mother still lives with her sister in Maryland, she is 81.

Background (Precious Cargo):

Originally from the suburbs of Washington DC in Maryland, Annie now lives comfortably with her husband Joe and their youngest pup, Debbie, in a rural part of Orange County, California. Annie has been living in southern California for over thirty years. Joe and Annie have been married for twenty one years.

Annie and Joe have three pups. The eldest, Mike Harland, 24, is Annie's pup by a previous marriage. Mike is single and lives with some college roommates while attending a Christian University locally. Chris, their middle pup at 20, also single, lives in Durango, Colorado, working for the Durango & Silverton Railroad. Debbie, the youngest at 17, still lives with her parents. Debbie is a junior in high school.

Annie has been married twice before. Her first marriage occurred at age twenty, to a Marine, and lasted seven years and ended in divorce, producing no pups. Her second marriage lasted just long enough to produce her eldest son Mike, about two and a half years. Her second husband became a drug addict, that marriage also ended in divorce. Annie has not heard from her first husband since their divorce, and not from her second husband since Mike's eighteenth birthday. She is not in the least bothered by this.

Annie has spent the past thirty five years working for the same company, Dymec Industries, a large multi-national manufacturer of computer systems and computer network equipment. She originally started with them at the age of nineteen in Maryland, and transferred to California with them (moving there with her first husband) in 1977. Starting as an order coordinator, Annie moved up through the ranks to supervision. While quite capable and a very good supervisor, she didn't enjoy supervision and moved laterally within the company to the Support Materials Organization, commonly known as the "parts department". Within a few years there she rose to management levels, eventually becoming a resource known throughout the company. Her expertise on and familiarity with the different databases and inventory management systems caused her a certain level of notoriaty within Dymec, furs from across the country would be calling her for assistance, and still do. Annie currently holds the title of Area Logistics Manager, and telecommutes full time from her office in the Latrans home. Her area of jurisdiction covers most of the southwestern United States.

Annie is a good marksfur. She originally took up the hobby when married to her first husband, the Marine. She is competent with rifles, and deadly with her nine millimeter Walther PPK sidearm. While not necessarily a firearm aficionado (read gun nut), Annie none the less practices with Joe on occasion. Annie rarely carries her PPK on her person, but it is almost always nearby.

While not considered bi-lingual, Annie has been around Joe long enough to pick up some basic conversational spanish.

Annie and Joe work diligently to maximize their time together and with their pups. One of their favorite forms of recreation is travel, which they do as often as possible. They enjoy road trips within their own country, and possess an RV travel trailer and large, medium-duty truck with which to tow it. They also enjoy their extended families and visit as often as possible, even though some of them have scattered to the winds as far away as Idaho, Utah, and Louisiana. Annie and Joe also enjoy working on their home, they are constantly upgrading, modifying, or adding to their house or property.

Annie's main form of recreation is socializing with friends and family. She also enjoys craft work, and when she allows herself the time can be a fairly good artist.

Annie's parents are deceased, her father since before she and Joe began dating, her mother more recently at the age of eighty three.