copyright The Silver Coyote 2003

My lady is hot, so hot, but she never looses her cool.
From the sizzling sands of the desert basins,
To the snow bound passes of the Shining Mountains,
She is always my solace, the comfort of my heart.

She's fast! I'm tellin' ya boys, she's built for speed.
A one track mind has she, a one track soul.
Yet under my hands she yields to my guidance,
But only a fool would believe that I am in control.

She purrs like a kitten at the touch of my hand,
Whispering sweet sounds of love in my ear.
At the height of her game her voice splits the night,
Reaching to and shaking the center of my very soul.

Laden with the grace of raw power,
She was designed for the long haul.
There's nothing fake about her, my friends,
Nothing artificial or superficial to tease and mislead,
She's the real deal, the perfect feel, sensual steel!

None of this "Slim Princess" stuff for me, man,
This is not a light duty operation we share.
There's no room for the weak and insecure.
Hand in hand we will greet our future, she and I.
All who would cross our path best step aside.

Enchanting from any angle, all who see her recognize her.
Whether a casual ensemble or dressed to kill,
She is exactly what I want, the only thing I need.
Making my life whole, she compliments me as none other can.

Our task... lifelong and monumental.
Her ability... unquestionably complete.
I am in awe of her presence, her power and confidence,
Yet in spite of her insurmountable will and determination,
She places herself willingly in my hands. Our trust is total.

So back up, World, yield to her presence.
She can't be missed, she won't be ignored.
We're on the High Line together, my lady and I.
Look, listen, and live, 'cause "Here We Go!"

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