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Most of my stories were written around a central character by the name of Joe Latrans. With the possible exception of A Little Nothing, none of these stories were finished. These are here mostly for archival purposes at this point, I have not done any serious writing in years. I have penned a few paragraphs here and there recently, but they tend to be dark and unrelated to the larger stories referenced on this page. At this point I doubt I will ever finish any of these stories ... but who knows what the future may bring?

Joe and his wife Annie appear in several stories here and elsewhere. These stories with Annie and Joe are not necessarily canon to each other, but common themes run through all of them. Whatever universe Annie and Joe find themselves in, they are the same loving couple.

The stories on the right, starting with A Little Nothing, are all related to the A Little Nothing story arc in some way.


The B Team

Last chapter posted 9 January 2017


A Day With Annie And Joe

Spring 2005


Precious Cargo

Last chapter posted 12 August 2011


A Little Nothing

Last chapter posted 30 December 2008



Last chapter posted 17 June 2008


A Little Less

Spring 2004


Rastro Solo

21 June 2006


Musings Upon The Sierra

Spring 2005



Last updated 21 November 2003



10 September 2003


Pot O' Gold

20 July 2009


Gee Too

8 June 2008


Christmas Eve 2011


Character Bios

Information on the principle characters from my stories. The data herein does not necessarily apply to the story called "A Little Nothing," although my character of Joe Latrans in that story is patterned very much after the Joe Latrans in my own stories.

Joe Latrans
Annie Latrans


From Precious Cargo:

Debbie Latrans
Mike Harland


From The B Team:

The crew at Intermountain Charter
Tim & Janie Riggins
Steve Lupus and Molly Lomax


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